Gary Cantrell

Hard Work Always Wins

About Me

Gary Cantrell

Washington, DC Metro Area (Northern VA)
Gary Cantrell is a storytelling, content creating, hard working individual. Gary started a weight loss journey in January 2017 and to date has lost over 100lbs. He has documented this journey through social media and his podcast. The man behind the Hard Work Always Wins mantra found a way to use his own personal hardships and health issues to help encourage others to find a better path in their own lives.

My Specialties

Gary has 11 years+ experience in podcasting and internet radio. He's completed over 300 shows since 2007

Gary's videos primarily focus on specific days in which he's involved in going to concerts, talking about his weight loss journey and more.

Gary developed a love for photography by attending concerts and taking tons of photos over the last 20 years.

Gary has 10 years+ in social media experience. He has built brands and developed communities through his social media efforts.